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At Delicioso Bites, we make the best cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies.. the list goes on. The most amazing part? They're all vegan!

Our incredible products are dairy and egg free and completely free of animal products.

We use the very best ingredients possible and all of our baked goods are preservative free!

We love trying new recipes and techniques and there is nothing that we won't do in search of perfection.


Why Us?

We create the best VEGAN cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon buns, donuts... the list really goes on.

All of our incredible products are dairy free and egg free!

The Best Ingredients and The Best Recipes!

We use the very best ingredients possible and all of our baked goods are preservative free!

Every order is baked and decorated fresh to order, so you know you're getting the good stuff!

Our Team!

We've worked to create a group of sweet-obsessed friends that are more than passionate about vegan baking made simple!

Our bakers are the best in the business and are passionate about providing the best service possible!


From a young age, our owner and operator Sabrina had a vision that one day, she would own her very own little bakery serving the best desserts in all of Toronto.

Growing up by her grandmothers side, she was always involved in all aspects of the kitchen. Whether it was actually helping out, or making a big mess, her hands were always getting into something.

Mirroring her mother and her grandmothers actions, Sabrina became in love with the art of baking. From cupcakes, to cake, muffins, those incredible Italian biscotti and Argentinian alfajores, there was nothing she wasn’t going to try to make for herself… and what makes it even more amazing… She veganized all her favourite sweets!

Veganism and a plant-based lifestyle, became a huge part of her life in 2016, and since then, she knew she had to make a difference, and that her dream was finally going to start to come true.

After completing her Sociology degree at Ryerson University, and discovering that she wanted to stick with her true baking roots, she realized that there was no better time than now to have her dream begin to flourish.

Fast forward to today, she is in the midst of receiving her Event Management Diploma to bring all lavish events to life. Her eye for colour, coordination,sweet treats and her luxurious and sophisticated taste, allows for Delicioso Bites to thrive.

With a love for baking, the environment, animals our health, and all things sweet, Delicioso Bites was born.

At Delicioso Bites, we believe that love and incredible relationships can be shared over sweet treats.

There’s nothing that brings people closer together than a cup of coffee and a sweet dessert to share. 

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